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Pre-Designed Homes vs Custom Homes

Customizing a home gives you the flexibility to create spaces just the way you want. Based on your preference and lifestyle requirements, you can design from scratch. The process is indeed fulfilling but there are several factors to consider when choosing between a custom and pre-designed home.

Building a custom home is a time-consuming and complex process. There are various hurdles that you may come across because you need to be involved in every phase of the design process. However, for a pre-designed home, it is a much smoother process. Most of the construction and documentation requirements are taken care of by the builder and the process is faster.

When building a custom home, the choices before you are wide and you can work on every aspect of the design. A lot of research and time is involved in the process and you can expect back and forth to get the desired results. This implies that if you have a deadline and need to vacate your existing property soon, opting for a pre-designed home may help.

The next factor that you need to consider is the budget. When building a custom home, you definitely pay more than you do for a pre-designed home. There is no fixed budget as the design possibilities are wide and the cost will depend on the intricacies involved. If you have a fixed budget and are not keen to invest further, a pre-designed home is a better option.

When choosing between the two, you also need to assess your requirements. In case you have specific needs and your budget permits you to explore custom home options, it is definitely a great choice. Custom homes give you the freedom to design spaces based on your family’s needs. You can build distinctive homes that reflect your taste and is one-of-a-kind. You can mix styles and mould the needs based on your lifestyle. It is also possible to make the best use of every space as you get complete control of the design. You can design functional spaces and eliminate design features you do not want.

A custom home also gives you the freedom to express your ideas through your home. The home reflects your taste and style preference. You can design a home to make a statement and enrich it with all the features you want.

Pre-Designed Homes in Melbourne

If the budget and timeframe make it difficult for you to build a custom home, you can explore pre-designed home options that we have for you at Transformer Homes.

We are an established builder and make use of modular construction techniques to customize homes as per the requirements of our clients. Our projects are closely supervised by experts and you can count on us for delivering excellent results. Expertly designed and exuding unmatched elegance, our homes are spectacular. Get in touch with us and we will help you accomplish your goals. Call us to find out more.

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