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Dual Occupancy / Duplex House Construction


Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne West and North

At Transformer Homes, we understand that renovating or building a home is a big decision and requires consideration of several factors. From expertly planning the design to taking care of the functional aspects, designing a home can be a daunting experience. We wish to make the entire journey a dream come true for you with our exceptional building services. If you are planning to embark upon your building journey, we are the specialists you can count on.

Make the Most of Your Space With Our Dual Occupancy Designs

We create custom spaces at affordable prices to precisely suit your lifestyle. Our dual occupancy designs ensure that the home is strategically divided and offers the perfect dual living setup. Based on your preferences, you can create two dwellings that are attached or unattached. Cost-effective and convenient, such dual occupancy designs have emerged as a popular option for the modern home.

Dual occupancy designs are also referred to as duplex and enable you to make the best use of the available room. Apart from giving you an impressive option to earn extra income, dual occupancy homes provide flexible and comfortable living arrangements.

Looking for innovative ways to utilize space and need expert dual occupancy builders?

Do not hesitate to connect with us. We can help you discover affordable ways to make the best use of your space while enriching your home with a touch of elegance. Whether you already have a vision about your dream home or looking for inspiration, we will be happy to help you. Call us today.

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