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Garage Conversion/Remodeling

Garages are often underutilized, and in many areas of the United States, they’re flat-out unnecessary. Making better use of the square footage you already have with a professionally executed garage conversion can completely transform your property, give you the flexibility to redesign your interior, and give you some breathing room if you need more space.

If you’re one of the countless families who have been feeling the squeeze of cramped quarters over the past few years, a garage conversion provides the solution without forcing you to relocate. Garage conversions also present the opportunity to inflate your property’s value, whether in the form of increased resale price or as an additional revenue stream from a new rental unit.

Whatever you want to achieve with your garage conversion, our team is here to help. We offer more than professional project management; we’re by your side every step of the way. From garage conversion ideas and inspiration to coordinating qualified contractors, you can expect exceptional support throughout your entire renovation.

How does Transformhomes help?

Having completed thousands of successful renovations, we know what it takes. Clear communication and thorough planning are at the core of our proven 5-step process. Organization is key to delivering garage conversions on time and within budget. Our Remodeling Consultants utilize each of the five steps — briefing, concepting, costing, building, and delivery — to facilitate stress-free and enjoyable experiences for homeowners.

From start to finish, a Remodeling Consultant will act as the single point of contact, bridging the gap between homeowners and contractors, keeping everyone on the same page to deliver a fantastic garage conversion. Transformhomes partners with highly skilled tradespeople so homeowners can feel confident of a successful outcome, knowing their home extension will be executed with a premium level of craftsmanship.

“We employed Transformhomes to build a garage which had complications due to the land sloping. The Transformhomes team was totally professional in ALL ways and very good to work with. As Covid caused many problems for the team, they worked tirelessly to get the project completed. Thanks! We cannot recommend Transformhomes highly enough and are thankful for all that they did for us. “— Steve Rees, Transformhomes client

Make your cluttered garage a thing of the past.

Start your renovation journey today. We provide specialized garage conversion services across the US and offer free consultations to get started. Get in touch with a local Remodeling Consultant to discuss garage conversion costs, small garage conversion ideas, and any other questions you may have.

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